IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE FOR ANOTHER (or even your sheepskin slippers)


But what is "love"?

What is the difference between "love" and "admiration"?

Can one actually "love" a pair of slippers?

I just popped open the dictionary for the definition of "Love" and found eleven definitions. 

Let's start with love for another person since we are approaching Valentines Day.


The dictionary says "Love" toward someone is when you feel romantically or sexually attracted to them, and they are very important to you.

Another definition says that you love someone when their happiness is very important to you so that you behave in a kind and caring way towards them.

Or another adds to the above and says that this is shown in your behavior towards them.

What would one's behavior be towards the person you love?

For love be lasting, one needs to have admiration towards that person one loves. 

Admiration is a sign of a sort of respect. If you really admired someone you'd have to have some understanding of existence and some understanding of him or her. And if you had these points in there would be a lot more pleasantness and a lot more duration than this thing called "love".

Admiration: to admire existence, to find interest, pleasant interest or pleasant excitement in life itself, it's motion and action; to be able to respect and admire livingness in a thing rather than to trap and cage that livingness for possession.

That would be the difference between love and admiration.

Try it out!

Now for those slippers or your alpaca sweater or throw or hat ....

Love in that case would be a strong liking for something (like slippers)

So, love your sheepskin slippers or that alpaca sweater now that we are in the depths of winter. 

And, admire others.




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