We warranty the integrity of the stitching and workmanship for everything we sell and will repair or replace the product at our discretion for a period of 90 days from date of purchase.  

We do not warranty against damaged sustained to any product during cleaning - whether by home washing or professional care since we cannot control the process.  Cleaning results will vary with many factors, including amount of use, age of the product, water hardness, etc.  Please see our video on cleaning your product.  (coming soon if not posted)

Damage caused by excessive wear and tear or misuse of any product is not covered by this warranty.  In the past we have had customers purchase our slippers and then wear them to school, the mall or out in the snow and rain and then expect them to last for years.  Most, but not all of our sheepskin products are slippers or house shoes, meaning they are to be worn in and around the house.  Yes, you can run out to the car, the mailbox, bring in firewood or even a quick run to the store; but do not expect them to last if you wear them to work where you stand all day, or to school, the mall, etc.  If you plan on wearing them as a street shoe we suggest you purchase one of our sheepskin boots, the clog or the Trekker Moccasin.  These are designed to be street shoes.

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