You Probably Won't Believe Me

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Look, you probably won't believe me, but purchasing sheepskin slippers will save you money.

But yea, yea, they cost more how can that be?

Let me tell you a short story:

See, I'm a slipper wearer.  

Every Christmas before I learned of sheepskin slippers I would get a pair of slippers for Christmas.  Sometimes they would come from Penny's and sometimes Sears or some other department store like this one from Macy's.Men’s Spun Felt Cozy Slipper

  • Simulated leather upper  
  • Soft plush lining
  • Durable outsole for indoor/outdoor use
  • Simulated Leather Upper, Plush Lining

"Soft plush lining" means synthetic.

Or how about the "Simulated leather upper" means again synthetic.

Well, that is what I would wear for about one to two months.

Why only two months you may be thinking. What happened?

My feet were sweating in them and they got all sticky and funky and I stopped wearing them.

So lets look at the cost even if I was to get them on the "Sale" price. It will cost me approximate a dollar a day for the use of the slippers before I would stop wearing them and be back in my socks again.

Now let's take a pair of sheepskin slippers. Mine last me at least 2 years and they cost $70. And lets' cut it down to only during the cool months, not the hot summer months. So that's like 240 days a year. So it costs me about 15 cents a day for a pair of sheepskin slippers over their two year life span.

Or, in the amount of time I have my sheepskin slippers I would have spent $320 on eight pairs of cheap slippers and added that much more to the landfills.

Just saying!


1 comment

  • Posted on by Julie

    I just replaced my sheepskin slippers this year…. after wearing my previous ones for 10-12 years! Well worth the price! I still didn’t want to get rid of my old ones. They had a proper burial!

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