Why did Bruce Lee wear a yellow jumpsuit?


Forget the colors red and blue for a minute.

Why did Bruce Lee wear a yellow jumpsuit?

The iconic suit was worn in  "Game of Death," a film Lee never got to finish but was eventually released in 1979.

It provided the star's legend with it's trademark costume, one that has been associated with him ever since.

But why yellow?

Stories abound that Lee was trying to make some sort of racial or cultural statement.

Seems reasonable, given that he had to fight tooth and nail his entire career to overcome racial stereotyping in Hollywood.

But like a lot of things in life, the truth turns out to be far more simple.

Here's what happened...

When filming began, the wardrobe department presented Lee with two suits: one yellow, one black.

As the cast sat down and went through the script page by page, they came to the scene where Bruce Lee was supposed to fight 7 foot 2 basketball legend Kareem Abdul-JAbbar.

The script called for Jabbar - who was a martial art student of Lee's in real life - to kick Lee in the chest, leaving a big footprint on his chest.

Said film producer Andre Morgan: "Of curse if the suit was black, you'd never see the footprint, so we went with the yellow one. It was a wardrobe decision. Simple as that."

But the bigger question is: Why am I telling you this story in the first place?

Really I just wanted to grab your attention. 

I mean, you've read this far, haven't you?

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Dennis and Denise




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