Hell Island Slippers to Heaven Island Slippers


I’d like to tell you a story…..

It was Christmas Day. All the presents from Santa and the relatives are now open, all the food has been eaten and the football games are over. 

It was now time to kick off the shoes and relax a bit. 

Time to put on those new Ugg Pure™  slippers I received as a gift.


Comfort and warmth.

What a nice Christmas day that was.  No where to run just joy and laughs with the family.

I wake up the next morning and slip on my slippers as I roll out of bed.

Stroll to the kitchen for my morning Joe in my robe and new fuzzy slippers.

Then, mozzy back to my office, wearing my new slippers, to enjoy my coffee and check out my emails. 

Nothing interesting there for it is the day after Christmas and a Saturday.

Two months later ……..

 I am again sitting in my office with my slippers on but now they are not so fuzzy and warm. Actually, they are a bit sticky and starting to smell with my bare feet. 

I start wondering what is this “Ugg Pure™” for these new slippers are not the same as my old Uggs. 


Miss Google: What is Ugg Pure™”……

“Ugg Pure™ is a luxurious, natural wool woven into a durable backing for a plush, sensory experience with every wear.”

But where is the sheepskin?

My  old sheepskin Uggs were nice for years and now it is only two months and they are smelling.

Let me google “benefits of sheepskin slippers”.

Miss Google says: The benefit of authentic sheepskin slippers is that they are hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties. This means that you no longer have to worry about having slippers that smell bad even when wearing them barefoot. This is because of the lanolin that is in the skin of the sheepskin and this lanolin transfers to the fibers of the sheepskin keeping your slippers odor free for years.


Let’s see where Miss Google says to find authentic sheepskin slippers?

Typing   ………



Just saying  ……


Enjoy your holidays at home this year.


Sheepskin and Alpaca

Dennis and Denise

A small family business out of Tacoma, WA




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