Is Faux Fur Better For The Environment Than Sheepskin or Alpaca?


I get shoppers of all ages saying to me:

       "I will never wear an animal. I am so into the environment and animals"

So lets look at that statement. 

I look at the person and see what they are wearing. Faux fur hat, faux leather shoes and clothing that either cotton or some combination of synthetic fabric.

Synthetic fabrics, whether it is used as a faux leather or fur or into a top or pants it is made of synthetic polymeric fibers such as acrylic, modacrylic and/or polyester.  All of these materials are essentially forms of plastic. These fibers are made from chemicals derived from coal, air, water, petroleum and limestone as noted by MadeHow.

Now you may be asking then is faux fur toxic?

Yes it is! Since faux fur is manufactured with non-renewable petroleum-based products and synthetic fabrics. Once out of style or outgrown, these items are simply discarded and the chemicals from these synthetic fabrics leach into our waterways and soil, poisoning them.

Well then you might be thinking, "I will just wear cotton"!  

Hold on a minute. Here's some facts on cotton from the

  • 4,283,395 and counting, tons of cotton globally produced this year
  • 531,404,550 and counting US dollars spent on cotton pesticides worldwide this year
  • 41,545,154,500 and counting tons of water used in cotton production globally this year.
  • Cotton is one of the dirtiest industries in the world.
  • Cotton production basically turned a whole sea - the Aral Sea - into a desert of cancer-causing pesticide dust.

Oh great, thanks for the uplifting message this time.  Well there is something you can do about it. 

Buy organic cotton and hemp clothing. And if you need something warm, shop at for items good for the environment and good for you.


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