Three Methods to Stretch Your Sheepskin Slippers



So you slippers or boots are tight? Not to worry.

All genuine sheepskin stretches; therefore, any Cloud Nine Sheepskin slippers or boots will stretch. The reason for this is an the wool comfortably molds around your foot the slippers or boot will loosen up.

Three ways to stretch your new slipper or boots


To achieve a perfect fit do not wear socks with your slippers or boots during the first few days. One of the great properties of natural materials is that they will custom form to your foot, so keep your feet clean and dry for a few days when in the forming phase and once the slippers are fitting like a comfortable glove (shoe), you can wear socks if you wish.


A trick that farmers and cowboys have used to help achieve a custom fit with their leather boots is getting them wet and wearing them. You can approach this two ways: stuff wet newspaper into your slippers or boots and allow them to dry or spray them with water then wear them as they dry. Both of these techniques help to achieve a comfortable fit.  Some people have created a mixture of 1/3 rubbing alcohol and 2/3 water to spray on the boots of slippers. The moisture helps give the wearer a more flexibility while the leather forms to the foot as it dries.


The one I prefer is this one. It does not take more than a day or two, but the best way to break in footwear is to wear them (after all they are footwear). Even if they feel a little uncomfortable at first, once you endure a little bit of discomfort, the leather will eventually stretch and loosne and the wool will mat down and form to your foot in no time.


I have heard this one many times and have just run across this solution that will widen the toe box portion of your slippers or boots. Insert one or two golf balls into them width wise. Leave the golf ball(s) in the shoe for 1 - 3 days to help achieve the extra wiggle room you desire.

Hey, leave a comment if you have a cool method that worked for you

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