Sheepskin Slippers - The Real Deal


What's So Great About Sheepskin Slippers?

Well another couple of weeks has gone by and here we are again as summer begins to roll around.  I am sure not many of you are pondering sheepskin slippers but I made a resolution to get one of these posts out twice a month. So far, so good. But hey, drop me a line and let me know what you might be curious about having to do with sheepskin or heck, how about just life.

So with all that is going on on this planet right now lets ponder a little bit of history about sheepskin.  

Did you know that sheepskin slippers and boots have been essential clothing in the colder climates since before 500 B.C.

How do we know this?

Well awhile back someone discovered a mummy entombed around that time was unearthed wearing a pair of shoes made from sheepskin, a testament to the incredibly durable nature of wool.  And in ancient Greece the philosopher Plato noted that locals would wrap their feet in warm wool felt and sheepskin during the cold winters in the Potidaea region of ancient northern Greece.

Now let's look at those fibers a little closer:

 Wool fibers have a unique surface structure of overlapping scales called cuticle cells which anchor the fiber to the sheep's skin. The surface of wool is completely different to synthetic fibers which have a smooth surface. The inside of the wool fiber has a very complex composition - the smallest component of these interior cells is a spring-like structure that gives wool its exceptional characteristics of elasticity, flexibility, softness and durability.  This spring-like structure is surrounded by a high sulfur protein matrix that easily absorbs water molecules - wool can absorb 30% of it's weight in water without feeling wet - and this ability to absorb makes it excellent at removing sweat and body odors.  This matrix is also what makes wool fire-resistant and anti-static.  

If you recall an earlier post of 11 April 2021, our feet have more sweat glands that any other part of our body, over a quarter million.

Why are Sheepskin Slippers Better?

So why are they better than cheaper synthetic pairs:

  • Year-around comfort. They adjust to your bodies temperature.
  • Year-around health. The fibers contain lanolin which naturally antibacterial to keep your feet fresh. Sheepskin also repels mildew and dust mites.
  • Year-around dryness. Sheepskin naturally absorbs sweat and moisture to keep your feet dry.
  • Year-around softness. After a long day on your feet the luxurious comfort is waiting for you right at your door.
  • Year-around durability. As evidenced by the sheepskin boots found on the Chinese mummy, unlike synthetic fibers, sheepskin is incredibly durable and hard-wearing.  Find a good pair of sheepskin slippers and you will enjoy them for many years.

Depending on what you like we have them in women's, men's and children's sizes in either a moccasin, a bootie, a scuff or a general shoe style. And hey, we even have insoles you can add to any pair of shoes, even your hiking boots or dress shoes.


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